Crucifixes to be included will fulfill each of the following criteria:

  • are unique, original, one-of-a-kind, or part of a registered edition with a number indicated (xx/xx). However, we are open to buying multiples (or variations) of a work or series as long as each object is individually crafted. 
  • represent diverse geographical areas
  • are durable and will not require special conservation or maintenance (exceptions can be weighed but will require special placement and, potentially protection, so these would need to be reviewed in consultation with others)
  • have meaningfulness (ideally each crucifix tells a story of some kind, for example, about the area from which it originates or the style of crucifixes for that area). 
  • do not include undesirable or illegal materials, such as ivory
  • do not challenge a capacious concept of theological appropriateness.

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Faculty, staff, students, and alums are welcome to submit suggestions to the NDCI Committee for the procurement of unique crucifixes that further the goals of the initiative. All requests will be considered relative to the established criteria for acquisition, the current capacity of the initiative, and the overall balance of representation across regions of the world. 

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