Student Art Contest Deadline

Location: 304 Main Building

Students In Decio Lounge With Oberammergau Cross

The Notre Dame Crucifix Initiative seeks to reinforce the universalism of Catholicism and the internationalism of Notre Dame through an expanding collection of crucifixes from artists around the world. Beyond seeking to draw deeper links between Catholicism and internationalism, we also hope to bring together Catholicism and student research. 

That's why we are announcing a competition for students, both undergraduate and graduate, to create crucifixes that could be displayed in classrooms on campus, where they will inspire Notre Dame students for years to come. 

Submit your crucifix and an artist’s statement on the work (of 50–250 words) to the Office of Mission Engagement in 304 Main Building by March 18, 2024 at 5 p.m. (this is the Monday after spring break).

Find contest guidelines, judging criteria, and more at

Decisions are expected to be announced by Easter 2024.